Calling All Business Owners! Here’s Why You Need to be a Member of the Barrie Athletic Club

For a city of just under 160,000 people, Barrie has many different options for health and fitness — both indoors and out. As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”. When it comes to options for entrepreneurs and small business owners, wouldn’t it be wise to go somewhere that also benefits your business? We sure think so.

The Barrie Athletic Club strives to bring more than just a superior squash & fitness experience to its members — we also want to help local businesses grow. If you’re a business owner looking for a place where you and/or your employees can reap the benefits of health and wellness + grow your business, the Barrie Athletic Club is the place to start. Here are five reasons why.

1. Multiple Mediums in Which to Advertise Your Business

Cost effective advertising across different mediums is something really unique that the Barrie Athletic Club provides for all its members who have a Platinum Plus Membership:

  • Advertising on the BAC website through the Platinum Plus Membership database,
  • Placement of physical, printed advertisements in the club including designated wall space on one of four squash courts,
  • An advertisement in one of the monthly newsletters (annually) that is emailed out to the entire member base (that’s more 500 sets of eyeballs on your business’s name)!
  • Complimentary BAC membership (of choice) + locker rental as part of your advertising package means you have the benefit of being able to workout while your marketing dollars are hard at work!

2. Weekly Social Networking Event

If you’re maximizing the advertising advantage already, now it’s time to make personal connections that could grow your business further. Join our social networking event every Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm right in the Barrie Athletic Club lounge. This started as a small event with just a few people, but has since grown to include some 20+ members each week. What’s the draw? The line-up of guest speakers from various businesses (perhaps even your business) is definitely one key factor driving attendance….but we also think the big screen polska, complimentary apps and cocktails are playing a role, too! We have already heard stories of businesses attracting new clients directly through this weekly event. So now you definitely have a reason to go to the gym!

3. Stress Relief

Being a business owner is not easy. The days and weeks are long. Learning to manage stress is essential for your physical, mental and emotional well-being, and we’ve built our fitness facility with this in mind. A good workout alone will get the happy endorphins going, or try a yoga class for the ultimate in stress release. Then when you’re done, escape to the locker rooms to unwind even further.

For the men, sweat away the week’s stress in the sauna, hot tub or steam room conveniently located right inside the locker room. For the ladies, the private showers and spa-like amenities in the locker room have you covered too. And we also offer ladies ONLY nights with full use of the sauna, hot tub and steam room, as well as cocktails, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, shopping and entertainment. Now how’s that for a girls’ night!

4. Convenient Location and Fully Connected

One of the challenges for those who like to go to the gym before or after work or on their lunch break, is the proximity of the fitness facility to their office. The heart of Barrie’s
businesses is no longer only downtown. The south end is thriving with entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses. Our location polskapolska

is within a short driving distance for south end businesses, and some members even walk to us! The parking is plentiful and free. Once you’re inside, you can enjoy free wifi so you’re still fully connected to work if you need to be.

5. Licensed Bar and Lounge

No that is not an error…we really do have a licensed bar onsite! A cool alcoholic beverage is another way to add to your post-workout stress release and network with other members. Need to drive home? Don’t feel like beer or wine? We can whip up a protein-packed and/or wheatgrass fruit smoothie, or feed that post-workout appetite with healthy snacks, sandwiches, protein bars or post-workout hydration drinks.
One last point to ponder…

Don’t just consider being a member for yourself….offer membership to your employees too. Not only does it help to attract and retain them, it will also make them healthier and happier → and that leads to more productive employees! We offer special group rates for corporate memberships so come on by and give us a try starting with a FREE 7-day pass. Be sure to share it with your employees to see what they think!

Author: Barrie Athletic Club

The Barrie Athletic Club is a family-friendly fitness club that offers group fitness classes, personal training programs, competitive squash leagues and children's programming.


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