Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Although I’ve been at the Barrie Athletic club since August, there are still members that I am meeting/getting to know so I thought my first blog post should tell you a bit about me; Patrick Savoury Fitness Coordinator/Personal Trainer. In the beginning I grew up in Shelburne, Nova Scotia and was ve...


BAC On Track Assessment #2 Results

It has been just over a month since Andrew began his BAC On Track journey and he’s been loving every minute of it…ok not every minute but most minutes…ok a few minutes…ok he has come to dislike it less and less every day! Since we are at the one month mark, it was time for an...


Andrew’s Fitness Assessment

Andrew arrived for his fitness assessment looking both excited and nervous to begin this journey—I would say it was a look of ‘optimistic apprehension’. He explained he had been riding the weight roller coaster for a number of years now, and was ready to get off of that ‘ride’. We discussed Andrew’s...