BAC On Track Assessment #2 Results

It has been just over a month since Andrew began his BAC On Track journey and he’s been loving every minute of it…ok not every minute but most minutes…ok a few minutes…ok he has come to dislike it less and less every day!

Since we are at the one month mark, it was time for another assessment to look at the progress Andrew has made. He came to the assessment fairly excited (which seemed more authentic than his excitement for the initial assessment) to learn about his progress and see how his hard work has paid off so far.

His results did not disappoint, as Andrew saw improvements in almost all areas of the assessment. Two results worth extra attention are:

Push-ups: Andrew nearly doubled his push-up total in a month going from 16 to 30 total push-ups in this assessment! His form and technique were much improved due to his increased strength as well as some familiarity with the test. Way to go Andrew!

Waist measurement: Andrew managed to drop TWO INCHES off his initial assessment results, going from 41″ to 39″! This for me is the most important change, as any excess weight around the midsection causes extra stress on our internal organs and can lead to health concerns over time. The fact that Andrew shed two inches off his waist will have many health benefits for him. ‘HIGH FIVE’ Andrew!

Andrew and I talked about his results and he was very happy with the outcome of his assessment. He felt like he had improved coming into it and the results showed it! It was obvious that these results had a positive effect on Andrew, as they were proof that his hard work was paying off! Andrew mentioned how he was also feeling much better since beginning the program and how he notices he is moving better, is more aware of his body and feels less “blubber-ish” than he did a month ago.

Keep up the great work Andrew!


BAC On Track Assessment Results
Assessment One Assessment Two Assessment Three Assessment Four
Right Arm 16″ 15″
Left Arm 15″ 14.5″
Chest 44.5″ 44″
Waist 41″ 39″
Hips 44″ 44″
Right Thigh 24.5″ 24.5″
Left Thigh 24.5″ 25″
Push-Ups (1min) 16 30
Squats (1 min) 44 50
Plank (Total time) 1:10 1:30


Author: Patrick Savoury

“Be Operationally Ready” is Patrick’s training motto. Patrick uses his experience, education, and passion of both sports and fitness to provide functional programs and classes to a variety of clientele. He has been training members of the community — including youth, seniors, athletes and our military men/women — for over a decade. Patrick’s high energy, charisma, and willingness to share information will keep you interested, involved, and coming back for more!


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