Located in Barrie, Ontario.
Questions? Call 705-722-4792
Located in Barrie, Ontario.
Questions? Call 705-722-4792
Providing worrying free kids activities while you work out.
Get a Free Month of Kidz Play!

The Barrie Athletic Club – a family-friendly club — proudly presents Barrie Athletic Kidz “BAK”. Get in touch to learn how you can get a free month of kidz play!

What you can expect

Safe environment

Interactive play

Affordable pricing


a fun, interactive play centre that suits all ages.

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Interative Play

At the BAK club, your child will be engaged in interactive play. This form of play combines traditionally passive-play activities with physical & social activity. Your child will participate in themed programming & games that encourage inclusiveness, sharing, communication, and getting their sweat-on! The BAK is a positive-play experience for children of all ages.

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Safe and Secure

To insure your child’s safety, we request all children to be signed in & out of the BAK club by an adult (parent or guardian) – that person must remain within the BAC facility during their child’s BAK session.   Open communication is incredibly important, so we ask parents to please leave their cell numbers with our BAK staff. To maintain an allergy-free environment, we permit only water in spill-proof containers within the BAK centre itself.

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Quality Care

The BAK is home to a team of highly skilled, nurturing staff with a passion for children. They are trained to provide age-appropriate curriculum and stimulating activities & materials in a safe physical setting. Your personal-time at the BAC can be spent worry-free knowing that your child is being engaged in warm, responsive interactions with our staff and fellow BAK participants.


Everything you need to know about BAK...

  • What is BAK?

    Barrie Athletic Kidz is a fitness program and interactive center for kids aged 3 months to 12 years. You can drop off your kids for up to 90 minutes, while you workout – knowing that they will be kept safe and active.

    We lead fitness classes specifically designed for each child’s age and ability, that align with our adult group fitness classes. Between classes, kids are kept active with physical activities and games, while getting the opportunity to socialize and make new friends (Including X-box Kinect and Wii Move for our older kids!)

  • Why would I get my child a membership to the BAK?

    The BAK Membership starts making sense if you are coming in twice a week or more. Your kids will have the opportunity to join us as often as you come in!

    (Max 90 minutes per visit. One visit per day.)

  • Is BAK right for my 5 month old?

    YES! BAK is tailored to Kidz between 3 months and 12 years. Our focus is on physical literacy – whether it’s belly time, trying to sit, trying to stand, or just grabbing and kicking! Our aim is to get your little ones moving and interacting.

  • Is BAK just a daycare?

    NOPE! BAK is a fitness program and interactive centre for kids. Our fitness class programming makes us unique from daycares. We will have your kids up and sweating for up to 30 minutes each class!

  • How much does it cost?

    90 minute BAK visits are only $5 per child! For your convenience you can pre-pay for either 10 or 20 passes.

  • Do I have to be a member to use the service?

    Yes. And No!

    If you are a member of Barrie Athletic Club, you have access to BAK. You also have access to BAK if you are a member of our associated

    Programs include: GMAA and Mum & Bubs.

    (Parent must be in the facility while Kids are in BAK)

  • Is BAK right for my 10 year old?

    OF COURSE! BAK is tailored to Kidz between 3 months and 12 years. With our focus on Physical literacy, we will have your Kidz up, moving, and having a great time! We offer an array of classes, all aiming to develop your kids timing, coordination, strength, endurance, and balance! Our 8-12 year-olds will also be taken to the Dojo or Studio B for group classes. Between classes, we have physical activities and games geared for each age group. We also have X-box Kinect and Wii Move for our older kids!

  • Where is the BAK?

    Instead of turning left at the front desk, TURN RIGHT! We’ll be there in our purple room!


Flexible payment options to fit your needs

Single Pass

One 90 Min Session
$5.00 Each
  •  $5.00 + HST

10 Pass Pack

10 x 90 Min Sessions
$5.00 Each
  • $50.00 + HST

20 Pass Pack

20 x 90 Min Sessions
$5.00 Each
  • $100.00 + HST


excited, energetic, and always smiling

BAK Play Associate, Reception
Van Leeuwen
BAK Play Associate


Our BAK weekly hours of operation

9:15AM-12:30PM & 4:00PM - 7:00PM
9:15AM-12:30PM & 4:00PM - 7:00PM
9:15AM-12:30PM & 4:00PM - 7:00PM
10:00AM - 1:00PM