Barrie Athletic Silver Club

Come learn, lift and laugh your way to better health, longevity and independence!


Our 30-minute interactive Info-session is designed to provide you with knowledge about the changes that can occur with aging. We’ll look at what factors we can modify to slow or prevent these changes from occurring. Topics covered include: Nutrition, Fall Prevention, Goal Setting and more!


During your 30-minute workout, you’ll perform a variety of exercises (with modifications given for all fitness levels) to help you become more efficient at your Activities of Daily Living. We will get your heart pumping and your muscles moving…we may even exercise that brain muscle a little too!


After the learning and the working it’s time for a little socializing! Join us for 30+ minutes of social time in our licensed lounge. Each week will feature a ‘superfood’ recipe and other munchies. Use this time to get to know the other members of the program as well as the Instructors. Build life long relationships and support systems as part of a new community at the Barrie Athletic Silver Club.


Contact our front desk at 705-722-4792 to join today!

For Barrie Athletic Silver Club 5-week program pricing or to learn more about other BAC memberships for adults 65+, please email



The Barrie Athletic Silver Club is the newest program at the Barrie Athletic Club! This 5-week program is designed to exercise your Mind, Body and Spirit through information, workouts and social activities.


Gain knowledge and build strength to help you offset the effects aging has on the body so that you can live a better QUALITY of life. Exercises will utilize muscles that are required to perform the day-to-day activities (or activities of daily living) of the members.


Come learn, lift and laugh your way to better health, longevity and independence!