If You Don’t Use It You Will Lose It

Even at the ripe old age of 22 years ‘if you don’t use it you lose it.’ You lose muscle and as a result your strength and endurance are reduced, your metabolism drops and you gain weight. All factors Andrew has experienced due to his 6-month fitness hiatus.

Tuesday Oct.4th,2016, I put Andrew through a 30 minute HIIT and core workout. A workout Andrew had been dreading; core training is not his favourite. Andrew chose to play squash for his warm-up, perhaps not the best choice. So, we went right into a HIIT circuit of Tabata. Andrew performed 2 rounds of 4 different exercises for 20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Exercise #1: quick lateral feet to a power knee. Exercise #2: alternating side planks performed from a push-up position. Exercise #3: alternating legs with a reverse lunge to a power knee. Exercise #4: push-up with an opposite arm shoulder touch. Hence, 8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, totalling 4 minutes of high intensity torture for Andrew.

Moving on to the core workout, we started with the Drill Sarjeant’s favourite, the PLANK. Almost immediately Andrew’s body began to shake like an earth quake. After 15 seconds I slowly counted down from 8,7,6,…. then Andrew collapsed down onto his screaming belly. A quick break before we continued on to the side plank where his lower body seemed to be heavily influenced by earth’s gravitational pull. “Hips up Andrew, hips up “, fell on deaf ears. Apparently Andrew’s shoulders had stopped working. Therefore, onto our backs for some leg lifts and crunches we went. Unfortunately, someone irritatingly continued to pinch Andrew’s buried abs, making it difficult to complete my planned abdominal workout. Not to be discouraged I had another core exercise we could tackle. In a 4-point stance on our hands and knees we extended our right arm and left leg engaging all our core muscles we held that position as I counted down from 8. We then abducted our arm and leg individually and then simultaneously to challenge Andrew’s wearisome core. A quick stretch and then on to the other side. Tadah! Completed! Andrew’s first core workout was done. Now just some lengthening feel good stretches and Andrew was ready to take on the rest of his day.

Author: Krista Sarjeant

“Challenge yourself to be your best!” is Krista’s fitness and lifestyle philosophy. She believes discipline and hard work will enable you to reach your specific fitness goal. There is no quick fix. A lifestyle with fitness is a lifestyle with excellent health and performance.


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