Get Fit at Lunch in 45 Minutes or Less

Are you guilty of eating lunch at your desk? Do you ever end a work day feeling too exhausted or time-strapped for a workout? You aren’t alone. More and more of people are working through lunch and barely taking the time to get up and stretch their legs. Not only is this not good for your health, it’s also not helping you to function as effectively as possible at work. In fact, studies have shown that working out in the middle of your workday is actually beneficial to your career and your employer.

The reason lies in the cognitive benefits of regular exercise such as improved concentration, sharper memory, quicker learning, prolonged mental stamina, enhanced creativity, and stress reduction.

And if you’re sensing negative vibes from your boss or colleagues as you leave for a lunchtime workout, you can tell them this: employees who spent 30 to 60 minutes at lunch exercising saw an average performance boost of 15%. A majority said their time management skills, mental performance, and ability to meet deadlines improved on days when they exercised.

So if you’re ready to maximize your day and ditch that post-lunch fatigue, here are five fitness options at the Barrie Athletic Club that will help you get fit at lunch in 45 minutes or less.


Not yet familiar with Kettlebell training? A Kettlebell is a cast-iron ball with a handle attached to the top of it. It comes in different weights and when used correctly, in just 30-minutes you will challenge yourself more than you would in a one hour workout. The results? More strength, lean muscle, power, and energy with this overall toning and cardiovascular workout.

6 Pack Abs

We are often guilty of forgetting to tone the abs at the end of a one hour workout. So why not give your abs a workout all their own, and do it over lunch? In our 6 Pack Abs class, you will experience an intensive, toning and strengthening class, lying mostly on your back and focused on your mid-section. Crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts and planks are just a few of the exercises you can expect in this class. Keep in mind that an ab workout is all about the slow burn. So while you will most definitely work on your toning and strength, the calories burned will be more moderate.


This is a 45-minute class for when you’re having a bad day at the office and really need to kick some butt. It’s a mix of high paced circuit training exercises using a variety of equipment, techniques and drills. You’ll get the benefits of muscle building and toning along with an intense cardio workout. So if you like to move quickly and burn major calories, this high energy, motivating class will make your lunch hour and workout fly by.

Power Yoga

Don’t let the word ‘yoga’ scare you off this 45-minute lunchtime class. The key here is ‘power’. Offering all the benefits of flexibility that yoga is known for, this class uses dynamic, faster moving poses to help stretch, tone and strengthen your muscles. Complete with a few short meditation poses to cool down at the end….not only have you achieved a worthy workout, you’ve also de-stressed for the day!

Cardio Machines

If fitness classes aren’t your style or if that meeting ran late and you missed the class, head to the gym anyway and jump on a treadmill, elliptical or bike for a fast-paced 30 minute workout. You will burn off calories and leave feeling refreshed and energized for the rest of the day.

Is a short lunchtime workout effective?

If you’re not convinced that 30 or 45 minutes is enough time for an effective workout, let us leave you with this article from The New York Times that sings the praises of the ‘minimalist workout’. It cites that even 30 minutes per week of high intensity exercise improves certain markers of health. Entrepreneur adds that the secret to achieving a maximum fitness benefit in 30 minutes or less is high-intensity interval training (similar to our Warrior fitness class). This type of interval training results in increased fat loss and muscle production and is a great way to get results quickly. So you no longer have to feel guilty when you don’t spend an hour or more at the gym.

Ready to get started?

Take a look at our fitness class schedule and sign up for a Free 7 Day Pass. It won’t be long before you ditch your desk in favour of a quick trip to the gym.

Author: Barrie Athletic Club

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