Located in Barrie, Ontario.
Questions? Call 705-722-4792
Located in Barrie, Ontario.
Questions? Call 705-722-4792
Programming for women and babies!

We know you’ll love the Mum and Bubs program. That’s why we want to let you try it out for free! 

What you can expect

Pre and Post Natal Trainers

Welcoming Environment

Fantastic Workout

Mum and Bubs Health and Fitness Inc.

Meet, get fit, have fun

Prenatal Fitness

Help establish what your needs are, and help set goals that are attainable in a realistic timeframe and ensure that your time in the gym is as efficient and effective as possible, getting the best results for the time you invest.

Stroller Fitness

With over four classes per week running around Barrie, Mum and Bubs Stroller Fitness classes are the best way to get outside with local moms and enjoy a high energy fitness class that will leave you feeling refreshed!

Mom & Baby Fitness

These fitness classes are designed to safely target your post pregnancy body while providing an opportunity to stimulate your baby. Meet other moms and babies while toning, shedding pounds and having fun.


At Mum and Bubs Health and Fitness we specialize in pregnancy and postnatal, interactive fitness for moms, babies & children in Barrie, Ontario.  We support mothers-to-be and help them maintain their fitness level through progressive, social personal training and small group sessions!


Our unique approach incorporates your little one into various exercises, offering a nurturing environment which encourages bonding and play with their mother throughout the program!  Intensity is varied based on individual needs, ensuring moms of all fitness backgrounds achieve a great workout! It’s an activity that focuses on you, but is fun for kids too!