Located in Barrie, Ontario.
Questions? Call 705-722-4792
Located in Barrie, Ontario.
Questions? Call 705-722-4792
John Anders National Bank
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Mortgage Solutions

I will assist you with determining your mortgage strategies and solutions for primary or secondary residences, investment properties up to four units, and waterfront or island-based properties. I focus on Barrie, Collingwood, Orillia and the Muskoka's; however, I can provide solutions throughout Ontario, and across Canada.

Every client that chooses National Bank as their mortgage provider though myself will receive a FREE HOME INSURANCE POLICY REVIEW(and Cottage) by HomeGuard. Your home and it's contents are your most valuable assets!! HomeGuard does NOT sell insurance of any sort... their service is to ensure that you understand your insurance coverage and to determine if you have any vulnerabilities, or potential gaps, in what you think you have as coverage, compared to what you actually have. Your Policy Review Service includes;
• Discussion: Up to 1.5 hours (phone or face-to-face) reviewing:
– Summary of key items.
– Summary of findings from your Policy: What does it mean?
– Focus on any critical vulnerabilities that may expose you to a potential loss today.
– Annual Home Insurance Customer Satisfaction Survey: How did your insurance company rank?
– Household Contents: Why you may not be reimbursed dollar for dollar.
•Booklet: Preventing Water Damage/Protecting Your Home.
•Standard Coverages Defined: In English, not insurance-speak.
•Tips on how to make a claim: Four pages explaining what to do, say and why. Empowers you with the practical knowledge you’ll need to be treated fairly.
•Summary of items that may impact the cost of your insurance.
•Summary of water damage & sewer backup prevention devices. Do you qualify for a discount?
•Next steps: How to protect yourself today based on our findings from your policy review.
•Unlimited Q&A for one year.

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