Instructor led sessions for all ages!

Professional martial arts for the whole family!

We know you and your family will love our new and improved Georgian Martial Arts Academy. Try three classes for yourself  – risk free and no obligation!

What you can expect

Professional Instructors

Family-Friendly Facility

Karate For All Ages

Lil’ Dragon Program (Ages 4-7)

1 or 2 classes per week | 30 minute class length | focus on 8 skill sets

In the Lil Dragons classes, your child will be exposed to positive social interaction. They will learn how to work with others and follow directions from their instructors. Every week has a different theme, based on one of the eight skill sets we teach to our dragons. These skill sets include : Focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness, and coordination.

Junior YBC Karate Program (Yellow Belt Club - Ages 8-12)

2 classes per week | 45 min class length | focus on basics, kata, self-defense

RESPECT, DISCIPLINE AND CONTROL are three areas that are taught and stressed from the beginning. RESPECT is shown in the Martial Arts in a variety of ways. All classes commence with a formal bow to show respect and appreciation of our instructors, the school, and the martial art itself. Polite greetings and proper mannerisms are other ways we demonstrate respect, in and out of the school. DISCIPLINE is important for a student to gain proper progress. One must develop the discipline to attend classes on a regular basis and to put forth the necessary effort in class. Discipline to stick to one’s goal is part of each student’s learning process. CONTROL is stressed to ensure that the Martial Arts is never misused or abused. A student must also learn about breathing control, emotional control, and control of one’s actions and attitudes.

Junior BBC Karate Program (Black Belt Club - Ages 8-12)

Up to 3 classes per week | 45 min class length | focus on basics, kata, self-defense, sparring, weapons

The Black Belt club is an extension of our YBC Program.  It consists of our dedicated and focused junior students who have risen through the ranks. Once invited to the BBC Program, The students will also be able to take part in Weapons and sparring classes, expanding their martial arts Knowledge and skill!

Teen/Adult Karate Program (Ages 13+)

3 classes per week | 60 min class length | focus on basics, kata, self-defense, sparring, weapons

This program covers all aspects of the martial arts. Mind, Body, and soul. The teen and Adult students can enjoy all Georgian Martial Arts academy has to offer including sparring and a variety of weapon classes.

Summer Camps

GMAA’s goal is to provide a safe, fun, secure, and non-competitive week of adventure, fitness and fun to all who participate. With a portion of each day focused on karate programming, your child will also have an opportunity to learn new skills through a healthy mix of other sports (squash, walley ball, ultimate frisbee, pickle ball) and engaging activities (jr. boot camp, water balloon fights, hip hop dance class, arts & crafts). We will end the week with a popcorn & movie-afternoon and the viewing of the (Original) Karate Kid! At the end of camp-week, your child will have learned important life skills such as friendship, coordination, courtesy, strength, respect, focus, balance, confidence, teamwork, discipline, and fitness. Your kids won’t want to miss this sensational, action-packed week of multi-sport fun! Call 705-722-4792 to register NOW

Birthday Parties

Tired of planning, decorating, organizing, and cleaning up at your child’s birthday party instead of playing and watching the kids have fun? Then let Georgian Martial Arts Academy do it all for you! We provide the invitations, decorate the dojo, instruct an introductory karate class, and give the birthday child plus his/her guests a special gift! Your child also gets to cut the birthday cake with a Samurai sword! Your child can have his/her birthday at Georgian Martial Arts Academy and get the chance to do traditional karate techniques! No experience necessary. Call 705-722-4792 to book your Karate Birthday Party NOW!