The Results Are Starting to Show

Hey guys I know it’s been a while since I have made a post, so let’s get right to things! The last 3 weeks have been up and down but the results are finally starting to show. Last week I did the same fitness assessment that Patrick and I went through on day 1 and there were some huge improvements. On the measurement side of things, my biceps, chest, and legs remained very similar from when we began which is to be expected. The biggest change was in my waist as I am down 2 inches! To accompany my 2 inches of loss, I am also down 7 pounds from the beginning of this journey. What I found most impressive however was the physical portion of the fitness assessment where Patrick tested how many push-ups, among other things, that I can do in a minute. The results are as follows:

Exercise Assessment 1 Assessment 2 Percentage increase
Squats 45 50 10%
Push-ups 16 30 87.5%
Plank 1:10 1:30 28%

The squat test was hard to improve on as my legs were very strong leading into this challenge, but the difference in push-ups was a pleasant surprise for everyone!

There have been a few downs as mentioned with diet and more recently injury. I knew going into this journey that the diet portion was going to be the largest challenge for me and that has proven to be the case. I have not fallen off the wagon so to speak, but with Halloween and Thanksgiving just passing by there were plenty of temptations around me. If there is one area still to improve on, it is most certainly my diet; but I have a strong team of people with me who want to see me succeed so it is not a real concern. The injury sprung up last week in a workout session with Patrick. I suddenly felt a pinch in my lower back in a similar area to where I had previously injured it. My back felt fine for the remainder of that session, but the workout on the following day had to be modified when it started flaring up once again. I had a laid-back weekend to let it rest and have felt great the past 2 days during my workouts. We will continue moving forward with some caution!

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